At CINCH Financial, we have taken the time to carefully articulate why our business exists, our vision and mission i.e. how we deliver with our team, for our incredible clients … all so that you can gather a greater sense of our purpose and who we are as leaders and specialists in the non-profit and NDIS sector.


It’s also important to us, to give you a sense of what we value; both on the micro scale of how we operate on the ground and as a team in service of our clients potentially like yourself.


And, on the macro scale, of making a difference in the world at large, based on the positive impact and flow on effects of the work we do and so greatly love.

Please do be sure to read on …


Why We Exist …

To help those organisations who support Australia’s most vulnerable, make the difference they are truly here to make.


Size and Scope …

By 2025, CINCH Financial continues to prosper and grow with a dedicated and talented team.

We are known and highly regarded as THE non-profit business transformation specialists – in fact, we the “go to” advisory firm for our sector. 

We are energized by and driven to make a difference.

By transforming our client’s businesses, each and every year our work positively impacts the lives of thousands of adults and children – those who need it most – in communities from the smallest towns to the largest cities across Australia.

We have successfully partnered on approximately 142 projects with combined revenues of approximately $500M and our work has created an uplift for our clients of $300M collectively.

Even more importantly, we have been able to help them support a further 20,000 people in need.



How we’ll achieve our Intention & Vision …

Our driving force is always, making a difference.

We transform our client’s mission critical matters. We consistently provide significant improvements and powerful impacts for our clients and those they serve, always with a strong return on investment.

We are collectively and individually committed to growth and transformation of our client’s enterprises, leaders, teams and, of ourselves.

Every day we bring the best of ourselves and our deep expertise in finance, operations, efficiency, systems, culture and leadership and, our years of hands on experience – to drive the productivity and profits of our much loved, purpose driven clients.

We value our work, each other, our partnerships with our clients and industry bodies, our team and our culture of knowledge applied, reliability, results, flexibility, fun, commitment and being of service.