Business Review & Reporting

Often where we begin our working relationship is by engaging us to conduct a Business Review & Report.  This is a 4-phase process including the following:  

Phase 1

Review & Recommend

Here we will overview critical areas of the business including:

  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Key Drivers
  • Revenue
  • Wait List Opportunity
  • Systems
  • Team
  • Culture
  • Costs
  • Efficiencies
  • Financial Analysis including Payroll, Productivity, Capacity, Risk, Profits & Cashflow

Phase 2

Understanding the Numbers

We will specifically review the key financial drivers and levers, demonstrate and explain how they can impact your business.

Phase 3

Financial & Scenario Modelling

Alongside exploring some “what if” financial and scenario modelling, we will review a recommended Strategic Plan & Business Structure for your business.

Phase 4

Next Steps – Recommended Structure

Here we will outline how best we believe CINCH can support you and or meet your budget and business requirements and outcomes. These could range from but are not limited to the following options:

  • Self-Implementation & Support
  • Special Project
  • CFO/Finance Manager Function
  • Back Office Function
  • Leadership, Culture, HR

Once this entire body of work is complete, we will present our findings report and recommendations. You will be able to take this information and make a difference in your organisation.

Of course, in this process, we will also identify and outline how best we can partner you for greater results and added value to ensure successful implementation and outcomes.

CFO/Finance Manager Job Function, Support and Special Projects

At times, organisations find they need a skilled CFO for project related work or ongoing services and support.

CINCH can provide a CFO to analyse the financial position of your organisation and devise a plan to move forward as a whole or on a specific project.

CFO services can also be ongoing and integrate into the organisation, offering support to the existing finance team, CEO and key stakeholders.

Our CFO – who becomes your CFO on a project or ongoing basis – will explain where there are gaps in Financial Management, unit costing, cashflow management and reporting. They will recommend improvements and implement efficiencies. To strengthen your organisation allowing more service to your clients.

Dashboard, Reporting and Analysis

Here CINCH will look at key drivers, analyse and summarise reports and track results, to explain the progress and projection of your organisation in a way you, your key leadership and stakeholders understand. That way, you can add meaning and understanding to critical information and therefore make informed and better decisions. In this instance, CINCH will analyse what-if scenarios and recommended projects and approaches to give an overview of how your organisation can and will develop and grow if applied.

Shared Services, Outsourced Accounting and Operations – Back Office Function

So you can focus on what you do best – deliver services that make a difference verses number crunch and analysis – our Cinch Financial team can manage your daily finance requirements, from basic bookkeeping to financial analysis to complex boardroom reporting.

In this arena, we customise our services to deliver your very specific identified needs. For example, we can review cashflow and implement strategies to improve systems and strengthen internal controls. We can also liaise with your external bookkeepers, tax & compliance accountants, insurers and ATO. Further, we can communicate the organisation’s present and projected financial position with the CEO, Board Members and any other relevant stakeholders.

Change Management, Leadership & HR

CINCH can provide an organisational review, involving meeting, interviewing and communicating with key stake holders. We will learn about the current culture and desired direction for your organisation. In our experience, during this process we’ll identify both opportunities and challenges. With these in mind, we will develop systems and support for management and team to empower leadership, address challenges and drive change and encourage innovation across the organisation.

Put simply, here’s some examples about how we can and do assist:

  • Partnering you and your team, not in theory but “hands on” in the Business
  • Determining an explaining the numbers so you and others can make clearer, better decisions
  • Finding efficiencies to increase productivity and sustainability over time while increasing profits
  • Managing change and transforming culture
  • Setting a strategic vision and plan for how to achieve it readily, with the financial structures required
  • Utilise our expertise to gain the very best for your business
  • Specialists in NDIS specific costings, projections, modelling, analysis and communication
  • Assisting the organisation to better serve and, to serve more people in need.