Over the years, we have developed our proprietary CINCH Approach & Methodology

This methodology is a highly effective, reliable way to produce results time and time again.  We follow it in part or in full depending on what your business and budget requires to produce the results and shifts you are committed to.

You can see our focus is on the Results & Outcomes is always at the heart of what we do…

Next, how we achieve that is via the 10 Key Phases, details to be discussed.

Then you can see our team’s skill sets, these are the “who” that are here to support you to make these shifts and win these results listed.

In the next layer of course, highlights the core areas we drive …

  1. Productivity
  2. People
  3. Performance
  4. Planning
  5. Processes
  6. Purpose

(Of course, we can share this outline of our methodology here, because whilst we’ve listed key phases for your interest, there are so many details and nuances that go in to producing the powerful results we are known for … none that can be captured in a simple outline.)

Alongside this we have also developed our proprietary CINCH Profit, Productivity and Surplus Diagnostic. We will generally complete this at the beginning of our relationship as a means of exploring what could be possible for your business.

Both are incredibly powerful tools and we look forward to sharing these and the key outcomes they deliver with you one-on-one in more detail.