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CFO Support and Projects

Need a CFO for project related work or ongoing services and support?

CINCH can provide a CFO to analyse the financial position of your organisation and devise a plan to move forward on a project. CFO services can also be ongoing and intergrate into the organization, offering support to the existing finance team, CEO and key stakeholders. Our CFO will explain where there are gaps in Financial Management, unit costing, cashflow management and reporting. They will recommend improvements and implement efficiencies. To strengthen your organisation allowing more service to your clients.

Shared Services, Outsourced Accounting and Operations

We can manage your daily finance requirements, from bookkeeping to boardroom. Customising our service, to improve your systems and strengthen internal controls. We will look at cashflow and implement strategies to improve systems, ensuring value for outcome. We will liase with your external bookkeepers, tax & compliance accountants, insurers and ATO. Communicating the organisations present and projected financial position with the CEO and Board members.

Change Management and Leadership

CINCH can provide an organisational review, involving meeting and communicating with key stake holders. We will learn about the current culture and desired direction for your organization. While identifying challenges. With these challenges in mind, we will develop systems and support for management and team to empower leadership, address challenges and drive change and encourage innovation.

Dashboard, Reporting and Analysis

CINCH will look at key drivers, analyse and summarise reports and track results, to explain the progress and projection of your organization, in a way you understand. So you can add meaning to information and make informed decisions. CINCH will analysis what-if scenarios and projects to give an overview of how your organization will develop and grow.

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