Why non-profits & NDIS?

We become the often much needed bridge between what truly drives every member of your organisation – making a difference to people in need – and the key financial and operational matters, even if it means a process of change.

Working with CINCH, people begin to truly understand the two are not mutually opposing forces but rather inextricably linked. If we collectively want to make the greatest difference, one must go hand in hand with the other and vice versa.

And, we love bringing our strengths as accountants, operations and change management experts – our understanding of critical financial and organisational drivers, such as systems development, processes, financial levers and culture – to the table so you can remain focused on driving the future and successful client delivery.

Everything we do at CINCH Financial is about supporting you to make the best financial operational and strategic decisions for your business. Fundamentally and very simply, we want your business to succeed so you can help more people who need it most.